You Own It,
You Deserve To Enjoy It

North Shore Property Management Inc. has developed a proprietary 7 Point Management Plan for the Home Owners Association (HOA) industry. Our business model promotes pride in ownership and long-term financial sustainability of your property utilizing our several years of experience and education.  We believe that communication, transparency and community involvement are the keys to success while maintaining a focus on improving the value of your investment.


Fiduciary responsibility of funds

Your community management company must understand their role as a fiduciary manager and develop procedures and policies that provide complete transparency.  NSPM understands that role which gives owners peace of mind that their reserves and operating funds are protected. We will develop a procedure recommended by the top forensic accountants in HOA management.  This includes:

  • Developing a safeguard for your capital reserve funds. This includes a strict adherence to cash and check handling procedures.
  • Developing a procedure for internal controls of all financial transactions promoting transparency in accounting.
  • Develop a professional accounts receivable/accounts payable program.


Maintain a complete understanding of Governance and Legal issues

An effective management company develops a clear understanding of governing issues of an HOA.  For a Board of Directors, proper governing of an HOA is crucial in maintaining the trust of its owners and instills confidence that all Board members are accepting responsibility and following its guidelines as set out in in the original documents.

A management company has a responsibility to understand an HOA’s legal responsibility according to applicable federal and state laws as well as adherence to the governing documents.  A management company should study all governing documents and guide the Board in ensuring governance guidelines are being followed. A management company should assist and lead in areas such as annual meetings, identifying conflicts of interest, proper record keeping, enforcement of rules including architectural guidelines, maintaining financial transparency and more.


Develop a sustainable maintenance plan that develops relationships with contractors and staff

NSPM will properly screen potential outside vendors and develop an inspection program with the vendors to assure adherence to a pre-specified quality of work.  NSPM will develop a preventative maintenance program to assure long-term sustainability of HOA tools and buildings.


Develop a comprehensive risk management plan

  • NSPM will help set goals for your HOA both short-term as well as long-term.
  • Organize the program: An effective management company will act as a liaison between your Board and/or a risk management consultant to make sure risk financing, claims, and insurance and evaluations get due process. Written evaluations will accompany recommendations.
  • Control and monitor the program: North Shore Management will secure certificate compliance from vendors/contractors.
  • Develop a written policy: North Shore Management will develop a written risk-management policy to help association members understand their role in the program.
  • NSPM will create an emergency plan for your community


Develop an atmosphere within the HOA that encourages pride in ownership and community involvement

NSPM firmly believes that if owners are involved in their community they take tend to take more pride in it.  NSPM will help set up and organize social events, committees and other events throughout the year.


Develop a communication network for owners and interested parties

Communication to owners as well as the governing board is one of the most crucial elements in the management of property.  NSPM uses state of the art software in website design as well as email communications.  All owners receive access to an “owner only” portal linking them to their account online as well as the latest information on what is going on with their HOA.


Create an atmosphere of “Owner-First” mentality that is instituted by the Management Company

Each HOA is different and requires different needs mostly based upon owners demand.  NSPM will meet with your Board and owners and identify what your objectives are as an HOA and help you implement them.