Hiring an attorney for your Home Owner Association

Sometimes you just need an attorney for your HOA. You may be contemplating a special assessment, figuring out what to do with a problem home owner or even how to effectively and legally enforce a rule violation. Hiring an attorney for your HOA is similar to hiring a contractor for your house. Typically if you hired a contractor to remodel your kitchen, sure you could hire any carpenter but most likely you want someone with experience in kitchens. You want someone who has built kitchens before.

The same can be said for hiring a lawyer. There are numerous lawyers out there but its integral that you hire an attorney that has experience in condominium law. Here are some pointers on how to properly hire an attorney for your HOA.

1. Check out the Community Association Institute website. On this website you can find lawyers that specialize in HOA law.

2. When vetting an attorney, ask them how much experience they have dealing with the exact issue you are needing. For example, you may be having a problem with collections of an owner. An experienced lawyer should have the experience and knowledge to make recommendations that work.

3. Ask the attorney how much experience they have with Wisconsin State Statute 703 which outlines the Condominium Ownership Act. An attorney who understands your HOA statutory responsibilities is crucial in determining things such as special assessments, statutory reserve accounts, condo document interpretation, etc.

Sometimes you get to the point where you need an attorney. A professional property management company should have the knowledge and expertise to be able to help you effectively research qualified lawyers in your area.

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