Peace, Love, and Mediation

BY Kathleen “Kat” Marquis, Esq.

Avoid the fight. Turn conflict into opportunity. Give mediation a chance.

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IMAGINE A COMMUNITY where members live in harmony and the board functions smoothly.

Imagine they know that confrontational, conflict-laden living creates emotional stress and a dysfunctional association.

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Sometimes you just need an attorney for your HOA. You may be contemplating a special assessment, figuring out what to do with a problem home owner or even how to effectively and legally enforce a rule violation. Hiring an attorney for your HOA is similar to hiring a contractor for your house. Typically if you hired a contractor to remodel your kitchen,

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Here is an interesting article from Community Association Institute (CAI). Granted this has not become law, but it is certainly interesting for anyone owning a condo.

CAI Supports Federal Legislation to Provide Homeowner Relief
Measure Would Give Millions a New Tax Deduction

U.S. Representatives Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) introduced a measure that would allow homeowners in community associations who earn $115,000 or less in annual income to deduct up to $5,000 of their association fees and assessments from their federal tax liability.

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How can you beautify your lake front property and protect one of our most beautiful natural resources in Walworth County, our lakes?

As a manager of lakefront properties as well as an avid boater on the lakes in Southern Wisconsin, I have seen numerous beautification projects around the lake. This has included hardscape projects as well has plantings.

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