Peace, Love, and Mediation BY Kathleen “Kat” Marquis, Esq. Avoid the fight. Turn conflict into opportunity. Give mediation a chance. Page Content ©2016 Community Associations Institute IMAGINE A COMMUNITY where members live in harmony and the board functions smoothly. Imagine they know that confrontational, conflict-laden living creates emotional stress and a dysfunctional association. Sure,, Read More

Sometimes you just need an attorney for your HOA. You may be contemplating a special assessment, figuring out what to do with a problem home owner or even how to effectively and legally enforce a rule violation. Hiring an attorney for your HOA is similar to hiring a contractor for your house. Typically if, Read More

Here is an interesting article from Community Association Institute (CAI). Granted this has not become law, but it is certainly interesting for anyone owning a condo. CAI Supports Federal Legislation to Provide Homeowner Relief Measure Would Give Millions a New Tax Deduction U.S. Representatives Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) introduced a measure, Read More

How can you beautify your lake front property and protect one of our most beautiful natural resources in Walworth County, our lakes? As a manager of lakefront properties as well as an avid boater on the lakes in Southern Wisconsin, I have seen numerous beautification projects around the lake. This has included hardscape projects, Read More